"The beauty of a landscape resides in its melancholy."

- Ahmet Rasim

My Landscapes

My landscapes are a battleground. Torn and divided between imitating other artists, satisfying the demands of the market, and the desire to make truly personal art. They are emblematic of my struggle for authenticity.

I have sold landscapes at international galleries and felt the commercial pressure of dealers who want me to produce work that they think is more likely to sell. They want me to lie, to be inauthentic, and I cannot do it, not without betraying myself. An artist must have integrity and resist chasing the money. I cannot represent my work to potential buyers unless I feel that my work is completely mine.

For many years I lost my way artistically. I needed time away from painting in order to get back to basics, to regain my voice. I need to make landscapes for myself and no-one else, to feel free to experiment, to capture my intensity or for my melancholy to come through, for my work to speak of the loneliness and alienation inside me.

Everything here is genuine and original.